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Hi guys! If you know my story, and you know what I’ve been through the last few days, you know I thasn’t been pleasent. I need to get back to The Recovery Center that helped me get better, if you’re willing to, please, anything counts <3 i’m not asking for a specific amount. Just thought I’d give you guys an opportunity help me since I’ve been asked the same question everyday.

xoxo Tumi. 05/03/2017


Here, at Tumiontherun.com, our intention is to inspire and help as many people as we can. Whether that means a funny story, or a new tip you never knew about- I just want to help! My life, your entertainment. If you’re like me, I learn the best not from just my own mistakes but from others mistakes. So read on, follow me & enjoy my experiences just as I experienced them.

You can expect to see:

  • Personal Daily/Weekly Blogs

  • Advice/Tips for Lupus/Arthritis

  • Life Tips/Hacks

  • Dog Training Tips

  • Favorite natural products including Essential Oils

  • Original photographs taken by Tumi Nguyen

  • My favorite Gluten-Free/AIP Recipes

  • Product Reviews


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